Free Initial Session

Prospective clients will receive a free initial session. During this session, past exercise and health history will be reviewed and current functional movement will be observed. Minimal information forms will be completed, and an exercise plan prescribed including clients detailed goals. Days, times and fees will be discussed, and a training schedule will be set up.


Post Rehabilitation Training

This training is for the person who has completed a course of physical therapy and wants to continue to improve their functional movements, as well as for those who want to maintain functional movements. The RestoreFit trainer specialist works with the client's physical therapist to determine the exercises and progression to administer, realistic expectations and a timeline for achievement. Clients are not required to have a doctor or physical therapist referral and can progress at their desired pace. Training can be in a client’s home or at one of the RestoreFit affiliate facilities.


Athlete Post Rehab Training

RestoreFit Athlete Post Rehab Training bridges the gap between physical therapy and high-level sports performance. The RestoreFit performance trainer specialist consults with the client’s physical therapist for complete information on the athlete’s current performance status. A sport specific Functional Movement Assessment determines needs of training which are then prioritized into a sport and client specific training program. Specific goals and timeline are established.

Training services are also available to athletes of all levels, who have not experienced a recent injury and gone through physical therapy.

This is an intense and complete program with many years of success at all levels, including numerous professional athletes. 

Functional Movement Assessment

The Functional Movement Assessment is used to identify asymmetries which result in functional movement deficiencies. The FMA identifies imbalances in mobility and stability during eight fundamental movement patterns.  Once these  deficiencies are identified, a program of corrective exercises is developed, with the goal of improving functional movement patterns.

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